26.2 Again…..It’s TAPER WEEK!

Taper Week….it’s finally here and I am so excited as I bring this training session to an end on Saturday!

My love for running took a 90 degree turn on me about 2 weeks ago and it was all I could do mentally and physically to keep going. I was ready to throw in the towel and give up, yet I had my little sis and husband to thank as my source of encouragement that made sure I saw it through to the end as they both reminded me faithfully that, “You’ve come to far to quit, just go do it!” So I laced up, changed up and created new routes, and allowed my body the opportunity to do what it has been training to do for the past 3 months….RUN! I honestly think I would have just shown up for a $90 t shirt on race day if it wasn’t for their words of wisdom I was in need of hearing during this time of training. I pressed on reluctantly and I have them to thank.

I’d be lying if I didn’t confess that I’ve gotten a little discouraged along the way; especially with the last 2 Tempo Runs. I’ve failed at hitting my pacing during the last 2 Tempos and that bothers me a good bit but I keep telling myself it’s good to be humbled out on the open road; even if it comes in the form a failed run! I’m learning the importance of  respecting the Marathon! With that, I also need to learn from the failure that the training may reveal in order to make adjustments when needed. If the adjustment comes into setting a more realistic goal…..then that’s what I will do while in the midst of the race. But until then, I will push ahead and see what’s to come!

To give a slight update on my training, my highest mileage week found me right at 60 miles for the week, and that’s a big deal for me and a 1st! This could possibly be the culprit to the love loss I’ve been experiencing lately with running to! I’m a tad exhausted (okay…VERY EXHAUSTED!) and running on “cumulative fatigue” legs for some time now!

Last Monday I had another first that will possibly NEVER EVER happen again. I was pulled from my training run due to President Trump and his motorcade coming right through the area. That was pretty cool to experience but it also turned my 7 Miler into a 5 Miler (not cool) due to the fact that it got dark quickly and I did not have any type of reflection or lights on me. Still, not something I will possibly ever experience again in my life so I relished in the fact that I was there in this moment and enjoyed the 20/30 minutes I had with the officer and her blinding blue lights!

Now I get to enjoy the Taper Days!

I’m still running this week but all runs will remain small in mileage and at an EASY pace! The goal is to have strong legs on Saturday while paying close attention on rest, hydration, and daily nutrition.

The nerves have already started to bother me along with all the questionings that comes with it. I can say though, I feel well prepared as my training has certainly been a challenging one that has pushed me to limits I thought I didn’t have with in me! Now it’s time to “Trust the Training” and “Run the Race that is set before me” as I finish the final 26.2 of the journey!


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